Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dream Vertigo

Near Guimar, Tenerife

Alarming dream last night. I was in a jeep with an old friend of mine, R, who was driving up a steep, slushy, slippery incline. I looked up and suddenly realised where we were headed, towards the distant crest of a mountain, the road as straight as a ski-jump, becoming vertical towards the top. I asked to be let out and he obliged. Then I watched as he continued to race up the mountain, till he skidded and stalled and came sliding backwards, rocketing past me to fly off the edge of a cliff, at which point I jolted awake. I must give R a call.


sean lysaght said...

superb photo, Mark

Mark Granier said...

Thanks Sean. It was taken in Tenerife last year, on the last lap of that precariously steep road to our windy chalet on the mountain (big mistake, coldest part of the island and a bitch to drive to and from).

Still haven't called R.