Wednesday, January 25, 2012

'I'm The The King Of The Castle'

Killiney Hill from Dalkey

After school, I took the wean to visit mum in the nursing home in Dalkey. This has become our routine now, since she  became too weak to bring home around a fortnight ago. She has recovered considerably, enough to have short conversations.

Before returning to the car, I waited for him to do his sprint up the steep little path to the railway bridge behind the nursing home (this is an older, more established routine, really a tradition). He shouted his old war-cry, then began again and interrupted himself, thus:

'I'm the king of the ca... I'm the king of nothing at all cos I'm just a kid.'

Not that this knowledge seemed to faze him. Just something he needed to get off his chest.

(photo, taken near the nursing home, shows the castle on the rim of Dalkey hill in the lower left corner)


David Thomas said...

Wish the view of the castle was a little larger! Enjoyed the commentary though!

Mark Granier said...

Thanks David. Yes, the castle is tiny. It was the only pic I had to hand and is a couple of years old now. I thought it was apt enough because I took it while standing in the car-park, just a few yards from where he likes to run up the path beside the building and stand on the railway bridge (his 'castle').

David Thomas said...

Cool. Well the exercise in the fresh air is the important thing.