Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dream: Ghosts

Nuala's chair after rain.
Odd, disturbing dream last night, perhaps because I was back in my own bed (our bed) after having spent a week away, in Clifden and, later, Galway, with friends.

It seemed as if I was awake, and perhaps I was, half-awake. I was conscious of a presence just outside the bedroom door, which I can't quite see from the bed as it is in the same wall that the headrest backs against; also, a filing cabinet partly obscures it. Was the door open? I think so. My aunt Nuala, or rather her ghost, was standing outside, or so I thought (she died over two years ago). I have the impression that I was calling her to come in. There was urgency, but also fear. Did I really want her to come in? And was my mother there also? Were there other presences? The dream has faded, was already fading when it, or something else, woke me at around 4.30. I had to read for half an hour before going back to sleep (Richard Ford's Canada, which I took on holiday and am now thoroughly immersed in).

I also had a disturbing dream while in Clifden. I just recall one vivid scene. A skinny, long-limbed man/creature jumped or fell off a high cliff into the sea. Would he/it be killed? No. The dream-camera suddenly zoomed down and revealed it walking purposefully across the sea floor. Then it was up close, in my face, a strange Hokusai ghost/Gollum figure. And i woke. Part of the dream's inspiration no doubt comes from watching my friends Pat and Chris diving into the sea earlier that day. No great heights were involved, just rocks a few feet above the water. But it was unnerving as there was a (very slight) danger that they could strike an underwater shelf that extended a little distance beyond the rock's base, so they had to run before diving, to clear it.

[Photo above is of Nuala's chair, taken perhaps six years ago, after a day of heavy rain]

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