Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Handholds 2

Searching through Skip, off Dame Street, Dublin

There: the voices thrown
from Thingmote’s mound

Here: moved earth, the grind
of gears on Nassau Street

There: what netted the names
in the maps’ blood vessels

Here: names to be given:
Skateboard Alley, Fr. Noise Quay,
Out Of Our Heads Walk…

There: Pale walls, the beerbarrel
clatter of weaponry

Here: a soiled pink blanket
in a doorway, a nation at the gates,
real estate

There: footholds, the splash of feet
on the hurdle ford

Here: old ladders in a skip,
new holds, rungs in the air

from a sequence, HANDHOLDS


Padhraig Nolan said...

Nice! Good to chat with you at Poetry Now, Mark. Hope to catch up again some time? Cheers, PJ.

Mark Granier said...
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Mark Granier said...

Nice to meet you too PJ. Yeah, maybe catch up sometime soon in the not too distant.

Dave King said...

A lot of good things going on this poem. A lot packed into a little. Visits to your blog are always enjoyable.

Mark Granier said...

Thanks Dave, glad you found something worthwhile in it.

Ms Baroque said...

Lovly, Mark. And I've tagged you - check my place out to see what it is...

and please note I am now at!