Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Throw It Away, Why Don't You?

vote labour
What is a short memory good for? Forgetting.

Forgetting that Fine Gáel is part of the same old deeply compromised Civil War machinery that created Fíanna Fáil.

Forgetting that terms like 'Blueshirt values' are rancid, stinking with irony.

Forgetting that part of our problem is our gullibility.

Forgetting that 'liberal economic policies' are what landed us in this.

Forgetting that our innate conservatism (in thrall to the banks' and big business's Happy Hour) is what landed us in this.

Forgetting that FG's pride in 'fiscal rectitude and minimal government interference' (not to mention 'liberal economic policies') should make our scalps creep and our hair (if we possess any) stand on end.

Forgetting that it's high time to change the channel.

Forgetting that, if we must use terms like 'values', Labour's are worth voting for.

Forgetting that, if we do not change the channel (or at least modify it), we may get what we deserve: a FG government who have a mandate to do whatever they they like.

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