Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wishful Tale

No One Is Illegal Period

There once was a man who wished, above all,
to be something big and strong, like a president,
so he promised people he’d build them a ‘beautiful wall’
with a beautiful door in it.

But first he set a peculiar precedent
by rapidly building this wall
brick by brick, till it encircled
and stood slightly more tall

than himself. Oddly, not everyone seemed to notice
he was walled up in there,
that his emphatic, now slightly muffled voice,
issued from a brick chimney

along with a tuft of smoke, like a strange toupee
(and he’d forgotten the door).

1 comment:

iancochrane said...

"...big and strong, like a president..."
Clever. & yeah, no human being is `illegal'.