Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Led By The No(se)

The two posters above say it all: portals for a herd of lead-booted, goose-stepping ironies. Only a moron would miss the contradiction.


Gwil W said...

It's not so long ago since No(se) of Austria were saying, 'Hey, look at Ireland. How clever the Irish are. Got all those subsidies. Now they vote 'No'. We should follow the Irish example. Let's have a Volksabstimmung and all vote Nein!'
Today, and listening so intently, you could hear a euro cent drop, I can't hear anyone in the No(se) camp urging das Volk to follow the Irish example and have Parlament insure everybody's savings. The Austrian limit remains €20,000 and that's yer lot Mein Freund!

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