Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama And The Balking Heads

Well, they weren't really balking. But one of them saw fit to report that someone (an MP? a spokesperson for the government?) had grumbled that they would love to know what Barack Obama thinks of the rest of the world "but nobody seems to know." Not the point, people. The point is, he THINKS!


Dave King said...

Do we ever know what any politician truly thinks?

Mark Granier said...

Hi Dave. Of course we can't really know what anyone thinks. Unlike with ordinary mortals though, something of what politicians think may be construed from their policies (rarely their euphemism-clotted speeches). Even moreso with 'leaders', such as Blair and Bush, who have succumbed so blatantly to their messianiac temptations.

What I like about Obama is that he doesn't merely swagger. He appears strong but not swollen with hubris, nor falsely down-home and folksy. He's certainly worlds away from someone who (as Mailer said of GWB) "...has never been embarrassed by himself."

These are the kind of considerations I have in mind when I say that he 'thinks'. He has already made history. I'm hoping he'll be given a chance to make much more. I wish we had such an interesting contender in Irish politics.

Coirí Filíochta said...

Though not a politician, Declan Ganley is a breath of frsh air.

I heard him today talking to Dunphy and he seemed straight up and genuine in why he was for the NO vote.

Biffo and the others admitted they hadn't even read the treaty and as Ben Dunne said: if you don't know what the treaty means, vote no.

And i never thought i would find myself agreeing with the west brits in the oirish daily mail, but even Nolan spoke sense, saying it is better to vote no and then yes once we understand exactly what it is all about, than vote yes just coz the condescending posters ask us to and dark threats are muttered of the consequence of voting no...

Mark Granier said...

"Though not a politician, Declan Ganley is a breath of frsh air."

A breath of VERY fishy air, I'd say. The Irish Times did an interesting profile on him a couple of weeks ago, after he had refused to be interviewed by them. He's the Invisible Man, funded by who knows what, much of his past business interests either very sinister (Arms Manufacturers, Neocon think-tank..) or mysteriously untraceable (and he claims to be against Big Business and accuses the YES campaigners of not being on the level!).

Lurking behind that presentable exterior, I strongly suspect there is dyed-in-the-wool, arch-conservative with leanings towards (and possibly support from) the good old anti-Europe Neocons. GW Bush would be delighted. Read the article if you don't believe me.

As for the Daily Mail, I know it well because my mother reads it for the gossip, and she's dead right, because, apart from Seven Days, their useful TV guide, the gossip is the best (the ONLY) thing in it. It's a rag, and a very alarmist one at that. I am not at all surprised that The Mail would encourage a NO vote.

Anyway, sure aren't they right? We should beware of that nasty Europen monster that will devour our poor proud arrogantly helpless little emerald isle. Save your children before they're conscripted in the vast Euro Army who will send them to war as soon as they can dream up someone to fight. The Europeans don't care about us, even though they gave us billions. They are all behind big mean Germany. Even if we don't know what it will mean, or just what CAN be renegotiated, we should vote NO, just to bite that big hand that fed us. Sure, they'll indulge us again. They like a dog with a bit of spirit.

Mark Granier said...

Read the editorial in today's Irish Times. It says it all really.

Coirí Filíochta said...

I'll have a look, it means rushing out to the mace before it closes.

I knew nowt of him till i heard him with Dunphy. He made his first money importing aliminuim from russia after getting in there when working for a insurance company and coming up with the idea to buy russian spacecraft to launch communication satelites and got into the american defence contracts after 911, and after katrina it really took off coz he was the first in to reset up the communications. He came across as a straight up fella.

Reading the papers today, they talk of him being shadowy, but it may be the case of good old ignorance and green ye. i dunno, i can only go on listening to him, but time will tell i suppose.

Have you been to any of the dublin writers do's?

i'm off to ledbury this yr.

all the best..

Coirí Filíochta said...


i'm on the s circular near rialto and can hear Cohen, he's been going hours..